For The Win - iPhone eBook webapp

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"For The Win" is a novel by Cory Doctorow. The iPhone Webapp brings this novel to your iPhone or iPod Touch for free.

To install this webapp:

Done. Now you can read "For the win" on your iPhone or iPod touch.
(See the installation page for a more detailed explanation)

Some hints:

Klick the top bar for page selection. Klick the bottom bar to go one page forward or back. Once the webapp is installed, you can go offline and continue using it.

This is the first version:

The Webapp is currently built without any bells and whistles: For now, you will have to remember the page you last read and manually select that page by clicking the top bar.

Roadmap for future releases:

  • Remember last open page for next start of app
  • Explain interface inside the app
  • Include swipe gesture for page change
  • Build more beautiful page selection feature

If you have any suggestions for other features or general feedback, please send me mail to

If you like the book check out the suggested ways to donate described in the introduction of the book.

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